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About Me

Thank you for learning more about me and my work as a Spiritualist Medium.

I grew up in the metaphysical and spiritual worlds as my mother, Colleen Parsons of Inner Decisions, has been working with Spirit my entire life. I began seriously studying Mediumship and Spiritualism in the early 2000's and started publicly working as a Medium in 2012. I currently serve as an Associate Minister with Tree of Life Spiritualist Church in Pine City, NY.

As I believe Mediumship is a talent and not just a gift, it is imperative that I am constantly studying, learning and honing my skills. I often attend workshops and trainings with world-renowned teachers and am always looking for opportunities to expand my mind. It is my duty to Spirit and my clients to be the best Medium I can be. This doesn't, however, mean that I always "get it right." Sometimes it is hard for a Medium to translate or hear information that is being communicated from "the other side." Messages often come through as symbols that we need to interpret. I practice Spirit-centered Mediumship and it is important that I ask questions during readings to confirm that my clients are understanding their messages. My work is not about telling people their future, though some messages offer guidance from loved ones who have passed.

Can I "turn it off?" Yes! I live a very full life that requires me to drink lots of coffee. I am a vice president at a community non-profit, a mother to two young beautiful children, a wife to a wonderful man, and a daughter of amazing parents with whom I am incredibly close.